One beer and I was losing my balance
aside from the calories (around 1,000) it was a good night very good

500kcal plus a beer and 2.5 mini muffins I’m not eating tomorrow xoxo kill me


╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

Omg fucj the amount of paperwork it takes for this government to help pay for my school “randomly selected for vserficagion” ugghhhhhhh

had nearly 500kcal today so I decided to go for a walk and as soon as I stepped outside it started thunderstorming omg


Fugazi // Do You Like Me

your eyes like crashing jets

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i post lots of pictures of thin/emaciated people but i still get offended when my recommended blogs are straight up thinspo blogs bc i resent being grouped with people who still post ABC/russian gymnast diet bullshit 

my brain is tired bc every five minutes my mind changes “i’m cute af”/”VILE FAT MONSTER” and i’m just tired of it tired tired tired

went to the thrift store and got a ridiculous patterned shortsleeve windbreaker thing idfk and some jean leggings (which were only a DOLLAR so i had to get them even tho they’re a size 2 and from express (that store weirds me out) but w/e they’re leggings so they fit okay)


Good morning, it’s Tuesday.

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